Federalism: The Multiethnic and Multicultural Challenge. The Principles of
Governance as in the Basic Law for the Palestinian National Authority during the
Transitional Period
     (Paper)  ASEM KHALIL  (22.10.2003)

Which Constitution for the Palestinian Legal System
Quale Costituzione per il Sistema Giuridico Palestinese?                                                          
        (Riassunto) ASEM KHALIL
Quelle Constitution pour le Système Juridique Palestinien?
(Résumé de la thèse de doctorat)    ASEM KHALIL

        (Ph.D. Thesis in Law)  ASEM KHALIL  (23.10.2003)                                                           
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Islam Religione di Stato: il Caso Palestinese
          ASEM KHALIL   (29.10.2003)

Quale via per la pace in Medi'Oriente?
          ASEM KHALIL   (29.10.2003)

La Posizione Giuridica della Donna nel Sistema Giuridico Palestinese
          ASEM KHALIL   (29.10.2003)

La Legge Fondamentale dell'Autorità Nazionale Palestinese
          ASEM KHALIL  (29.10.2003)

The Palestinian Constitutional System (in ARABIC), also published in AL-MANAR
          Palestinian Weekly Journal nº 646 (28 oct - 4 nov 2003)
          ASEM KHALIL  (11.11.2003)

Islam Religion of State, the Palestinian Case (in ARABIC), published in AL-MANAR
          weekly Journal nº 648 (11 - 18 nov 2003)
          ASEM KHALIL   (11.11.2003)

Woman in the Palestinian Constitution (ARABIC)
            ASEM KHALIL (21.11.2003)

A Presentation of the Geneva Accord Between Israel and the PLO With Reference to Precedent
- ASEM KHALIL        first part (16.11.2003)      second part (22.11.2003)
The Geneva Accord - INDEX (22.11.2003)       third part (29.11.2003)  fourth part (03.12.2003)

A Presentation to Geneva Accord

          What is new in the Geneva Accord (ARABIC)
         article published in the ALMANAR newspapers (n.651,  9-16/12/2003)

The Arab State between Theory and Practice. The Palestinian Case (ARABIC)
           published in ALMANAR newspaper n.650, 2-9/12/2003

Christian Palestinians are not a Third Part in the Palestinian - Israeli Conflict (ARABIC)
            KHALIL ASEM (Article published in AL-MANAR Journal n. 652 (17 -24.12.2003)

O Conflito entre Israelenses e Palestinos - um pesadelo sem fim?
                               RATNER, HENRIQUE

Who Will Judge Saddam Husein? (ARABIC)
            Khalil, Asem (article published in AL-MANAR newspaper n. 653 (24 - 30.December.2003)

The European Position on the Separation Wall (ARABIC)
           KHALIL, ASEM (article published in AL-MANAR Newspaper n. 654 (30.12 - 06.01.2004)

Arabs and Democracy (ARABIC)
            KHALIL, ASEM (article published in AL-MANAR newspaper n. 655 (06 - 13.01.2004)

Solidarity between Nations: beyond politics and religions (ARABIC)
            KHALIL, ASEM (article published in AL-MANAR newspaper n.656 (12-18.01.2004)

Legitimacy of the Iraqi Special Tribunal for Crimes Against Humanity and its competencies
           KHALIL, ASEM (article published in AL-MANAR newspaper n.657 (19-24.01.2004)

Davos and Middle East
            KHALIL, ASEM (article published in AL-MANAR n.659 (02-09.02.2004)

International Court and the Separation Wall
           KHALIL, ASEM (article published in Al-MANAR n. 660 (09-16.02.2004)

Arab Renaissance and the Future of Europe
           KHALIL, ASEM (article published in AL-MANAR n. 661 (16.02.2004)

The Holy See and the Separation Wall (ARABIC)
            KHALIL, ASEM (article published in AL-MANAR n. 662 (23.02.2004)

Is Israel Bound by International Humanitarian Law (ARABIC)  
           KHALIL, ASEM  - article published in AL-MANAR n. 663 (01.03.2004)          

Le Pouvoir Constituant Palestinien: une tentative de reconciliation entre les processus de
(re)construction nationale, de paix et de democratisation   
            KHALIL, ASEM   (13.03.2004)  

The Separation Wall: is it realy a political issue?     (ARABIC)         (ENGLISH - doc.)
           KHALIL, ASEM   -  article published in AL-MANAR n.656 -15.mar.2004   (17.03.2004)

How can Israel be obliged to implement international humanitarian law?    (ARABIC)
          KHALIL, ASEM - article published in ALQUDS ALARABI-LONDON, n.4597 - 05.03.2004, p.18

Federalism as a solution for conflicts in the Middle East    (ARABIC)
KHALIL, ASEM - article published in ALHAYAT ALARABYYA-AUSTRALIA n.78, 24.03.2004

Israel cannot justify its illicit acts by "Necessity" -    first part - Almanar, n.667 (ARABIC)
second part   (Almanar, n.668)     
          KHALIL, ASEM

Is Israel Obliged to Implement International Humanitarian Law?    in ENGLISH      in ARABIC
KHALIL, ASEM - article published in: International Politics Journal (Cairo), nº 156, april 2004.

The United Nations Commission for Human Rights: the Assassination of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin is
a violation of International Law   (ARABIC)
         KHALIL, ASEM - article published in ALMANAR nº 669, 12.04.2004.

Can Federalism be a Solution for Middle East Conflicts?     (ARABIC)
           KHALIL, ASEM - article published in AZZAMAN (London), nº 1777, 06.04.2004, p.15

A Palestinian State: a Zionist Priority? (ARABIC)
La création d'un État Palestinien est-elle une priorité sioniste?
            (traduit de l'arabe par Marcel Charbonnier)
KHALIL, ASEM - article published in ALQUDS ALARABI nº 4634, (17-18/04/2004), p.18

The Palestinians?  Which Palestinians? (ARABIC)
           KHALIL, ASEM  - article published in ALQUDS ALARABI (London), nº 4642, 27.04.2004, p.18

Modern Reading of the Theory of Constituent Power, at the light of Palestinian Context (ARABIC)
           Khalil, Asem - published in Roya Review, nº 28 (PNA) - abril 2004.

Rules of Engagement
          Khalil, Asem - article published in ALAHRAM WEEKLY, nº 690, 13-19 May 2004

Velo Islamico, dalla Francia una legge inutile, in TOSCANA OGGI, n.35, del 3 ottobre 2004
translation of this article in FRENCH -  article en FRANÇAIS)

Seconda Intifada, un disastro per tutti, in TOSCANA OGGI, n. 37, del 17 ottobre 2004

Cio che vogliamo, noi Palestinese, in TOSCANA OGGI, n. 38, el 24 ottobre 2004

La difficile successione ad Arafat, in TOSCANA OGGI, n. 41, del 14 novembre 2004
GRAFFICO sulle istituzioni dell'OLP e dell'ANP e il rapporto tra di loro   

Os Perigos e os Limites das Eleiçoes Palestinas
            Khalil, Asem  (trad. Fernando Lima)   (06.jan.2005)
Les Palestiniens à l'heure du Leadership Institutionnel (doc)
          Khalil, Asem -
in Le Figaro (08.01.2005)
Electoral Limits
Khalil, Asem - in Alahram Weekly, nº 724, 02-12/01/2005
Elezioni Palestinesi, un Voto senza sorprese,
Khalil, Asem - in Toscana Oggi, n. 1, 1-9 Gennaio 2005
Trente Nationalités à l'ENA (06.feb.2005)
Article in German about the National School of Administration   (06.feb.2005)
Lettere publicate in Città Nuova in 2002 (06.feb.2005)

Tra Palestinesi ed Israeliani  questa volta puo' vincere la pace,
        in Toscana Oggi, dal n. 6 del 13 febbraio 2005   
Democracy against Peace
La Democratie contre la Paix
     Spagna, primo"si". Ma gli Europei conoscono la nuova Costituzione?                         
E alla Corte di Giustizia si decide il futuro della feta Greca
Cristiani in Terra Santa. Una presenza da sostenere,
in Toscana Oggi, n. 12 dal 27.mar.2005

La réforme du Secteur de Sécurité et le role de la Communauté Internationale: le Cas
Palestinien, Mémoire pour le master en administration publique, ENA, 2006.
      Khalil, Asem   (27.02.2006)

   Last update: 27.feb.2006


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The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research

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Comments of NATHAN BROWN to the third draft of Palestinian Constitution



The Palestinian National Charter:         1964           1968

The Declaration of Independence of 1988    

The Declaration of Principles of 1993

The Oslo Interim Agreements of 1995

The Amendments to the Palestinian Charter, in 1996

First Draft of the Palestinian Constitution: (14feb2001) Chapter 1   Chapter 2

Second Draft of the Palestinian Constitution (09feb2003)

Third Draft of the Palestinian Constitution   (14may2003)

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The Palestinian Constitution and Pillars for Sustainable Human Development
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Reflections on the Presence of the Church in the Holy Land,
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Law n. 111/2003 amending the Palestinian Basic Law (17.03.2003) in ARABIC

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